We need a new space for SharePoint Saturday!

We need a new space for SharePoint Saturday!

Last Friday, we were informed by UNO that they needed Mammel Hall and would be canceling our reservation for SharePoint Saturday on March 30.  This is very disappointing.  We have held SharePoint Saturday at Mammel Hall for the last 6 years and we have never had them cancel on us.  So, after hearing the news, we began calling all of our contacts to find a new venue.  Unfortunately, since it is so late, a lot of the places we have called are already booked.   We are still waiting to hear back from a couple of places, but I wanted to send out this request to see if anyone has space for March 30.

Here is the minimum space that we need

  • 1 large meeting room that would hold approximately 120-150.
  • 4 breakout rooms that would hold 20-30 people each.
  • Dependable Internet access for the presenters.
  • An area where we can serve breakfast and lunch and where people can eat.
  • 1 speaker room so they can prepare

We usually start setting up around 6:30 on that Saturday morning.  Registration usually begins at 7:30 and our opening keynote begins at 8 am.  We run all day and will have everything cleaned up and put away by 5:30 pm.  So far, we don’t have any vendors who will be setting up booths but if there is space for vendors, that would also be great.  

We also need to take into consideration that everyone will need a place to park for the day.

If anyone has space we can use that would fit these requirements, please contact me at david@omahaspug.org or call me at 402-210-7370.  I do not want to cancel the conference this year.  We already have our speakers lined up so all we need is space.  To make sure that we give everybody enough time to change their plans if this doesn’t work out, if we don’t find another space by next Friday, I will have to cancel the event.  

I will continue to communicate any updates about this on the SharePoint Saturday website at https://www.spsomaha.org/blog.  Keep checking there for updates.

Again – I hope we can find another venue this year.  Please email me directly so we can continue the conversation.

Thank you,
David Petersen
SharePoint Saturday – Omaha